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“Emerald Doula  has been a wonderful support throughout my post partum experience. As a single mom I was struggling to do the simplest things like cook and clean while being attentive to my son Drue. However Kailah stepped in about three times a week to cook nutritious meals for about 3 months. She also checked on my mental health status and encouraged me to take my time getting back to my pre pregnancy self. When the pandemic struck she sent me resources of online classes for quality time with other mothers and babies. She has been attentive to our needs and we can talk about everything from belly binding to vaginal health. My son shares a special bond with Kailah and when she has been able to be in our space I feel less weighted. In respect to Covid 19 Kailah has done a great deal to ensure our safety and hers. I’m grateful for her love and support in these crazy times. Her care and service as a doula has been exceptional!!!" 
- Dom P.

"I found out I was pregnant Oct. 2019. I moved forward, scheduling the necessary prenatal appointments. I had about 6 traditional visits before COVID-19 erupted. Literally the day following my baby shower, the world shut down. All normal practices were restricted. Instead of in person visits, telehealth appointments were being encouraged. Despite everyone's fear, i advocated for continued in person prenatal visits. Simply taking my blood pressure over the phone and asking general questions didn't seem to suffice. With the help of The Emerald Doula I was able to move through my pregnancy with ease. She provided ongoing support and access to maternal health resources. Because of her and my village I delivered a health baby boy, free of complications, in the middle of a pandemic."

- Alexis

My husband and I had an introductory Zoom call with Kailah near the end of the first trimester of my pregnancy with our first child. She radiated warm, engaged, and enthusiastic energy even through the screen and by the end of our conversation, we knew that we wanted her to be our doula. We can't imagine navigating our first pregnancy and birth without Kailah, and we are forever grateful for the ways she encouraged and empowered us to educate ourselves on all aspects of pregnancy and birth, understanding our broad array of options at every step. Kailah is tapped into an incredible network of professionals who provide support throughout the pregnancy and birth journey, and her network becomes yours so you can't help but feel educated and supported. Once our induction date arrived, Kailah was an incredible partner and advocate, seamlessly integrating herself into the birth team and serving as a thought partner and resource throughout the birth process. She navigated our birth with respect and care, reminding us of our preferences, helping us to consider various options as they were presented, and ensuring that we had a priceless record of our birth experience. I fully believe that a doula is essential for the pregnancy and birth journey, and I can think of no one better up to the task than Kailah. 
- Pharen & Jarumi C.

The Emerald Doula provided all of the support we needed during my pregnancy and birth, and then some! After interviewing several doulas, we chose Kailah because of her experience in health care along with her holistic mindset. Given the global pandemic, it was important for us to have a doula who was vaccinated against COVID-19, but we also wanted a doula who believed in a physiological birth. 

During pregnancy she helped us create our birth plan/preferences and always provided literature for us to review before making any decisions. It was Kailah's evidence-based approach that guided us during labor as our birth plan strayed from the intended course. When a new obstacle arose, she was able to provide resources for us to make the best decision for mom and baby--this in itself was invaluable. 

Kailah is equally professional and compassionate, a true advocate for her clients and we are so grateful for the support she provided as we became a family of three.
- Allison & Mike C.

Kailah was there for me throughout my pregnancy journey and beyond. I was due in January 2022 but ended up giving birth to my baby boy in October 2021. Although Kailah couldn’t be at the birth physically, she was there over the phone guiding me and encouraging me the entire time. She has been such an amazing source of support with checking in, sharing helpful resources, helping me consider options as they were given, and advocating for me as well as encouraging me to advocate for myself. I don’t know what I would do had Kailah not been a part of my team. I recommend her to every expectant parent I know.
 - Tahira A.

Kailah is an amazing doula! She checked in frequently and gave us great information so we felt prepared for labor, delivery, and postpartum care. She also connected us with resources and consultations with a lactation specialist and a nutritionist. We were so thankful to have her in the delivery room supporting us, and know she contributed to the safe and comfortable delivery of our beautiful baby boy. Definitely recommend reaching out to her if you are considering hiring a doula for your birth!
-Tashiah & Khadijah E.

Kailah was the best hands down! Her communication was great, she was very patient and always available. She made me feel very confident and prepared going into labor. During labor she was also very supportive, even the nurses at the hospital mentioned she was the best doula they ever delivered with. If I ever had to do it again I’ll definitely pick her again and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. I am very grateful to have experienced her and still she keeps up with me and baby, I just love her beautiful soul! Thank you a million times!
- Tovolia S.

Emerald Doula ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Not enough stars in the sky to rate Emerald Doula high enough)


First let me start by saying I was sort of uneducated on what a Doula was. I assumed a doula was for home birth and the nurses/doctors took care of the hospital birth. Fortunately my wife ( whom was pregnant) knew better than me.

Within My wife’s first trimester my wife contacted Miss Kailah King and their personalities immediately clicked as our pregnancy goals were aligned with what Ms. King could provide. My wife and Ms. King began meetings and Ms. King guided my wife with birth plans, suggested classes and helpful organization available as resources etc..

Fast forward to our last pregnancy trimester my wife began experiencing new symptoms … Being  a first time mom we had no idea what a contraction felt like or much less what to expect. 3 weeks before our due date my wife experienced contractions. We IMMEDIATELY called Ms. King. Here it is 2am in the middle of the night. Ms. King answered right away and had me describe the contractions and time them as well. With her experience she IMMEDIATELY knew we were experiencing prodromal labor. Ms. King sent information to us and educated us on what Prodromal labor was. She was 100% correct that this was false labor.

Next we were overdue by 1 week and doctors started to pressure us to get induced using scare technics etc.. Ms. King was able to educate us on our options and make us feel empowered to make the best choice for US.

Now we are 1 week 6 days overdue and it is “ go time” as contractions are coming fast. We called Ms. King 3am and she immediately went to the hospital (actually beat us there). My wife was in labor for two and a half days and Ms. King stayed in the hospital the entire time. Ms. King has SOOOOO many technics from birthing ball positions to back massages which eased excruciating pain, calming aromas, positive affirmations to help with birth etc..

Imagine being in labor for literally 60 hours. We now have a beautiful healthy baby and we could NOT even imagine doing this labor or pregnancy without Ms. Kailah D. King. I would recommend her to any and everyone who is expecting.


Deepest Gratitude
- Esther & Fleta H.

“ Kailah is an amazing Doula through my whole process with her she expressed clear communication and is very supportive. To have someone in your support team with the knowledge she has is a blessing. From the first day meeting her to the day of giving birth to my twins I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else.”
- Camilla A.

Having Kailah as my Doula along during my 9 month journey was beyond supportive.   From calls, texting, visits, and receiving information she has been extremely helpful in all aspects.  I’m 100% satisfied with having her and the  knowledge she shared with me about pregnancy, birth, and rights as a patient far as speaking up about my options in delivery etc.. Kailah is very informative also thorough in all she assist with.  I’m very pleased I was linked to her actually, she not only made me feel comfortable , she made me feel as if we known each other for years and was by my side all the way no matter what., I greatly appreciate her for that.  Kailah is very compassionate about what she does. The techniques she shared with me were helpful I was very pleased in fact, if i choose to do this again I’ll definitely have her right by my side.   After my delivery (postpartum) Kailah is still assisting and being supportive.   I absolutely recommend her  outstanding above and beyond services to those seeking not only a Doula but also a kind , warming person that truly will be dedicated to them , yes most definitely.  I wish Kailah nothing but great success and continuing her path to woman and families that surely will utilize what all she possesses as a doula Thanks Kailah you rock!
- Serita H.

My review on Kailah was amazing and I enjoyed every single bit of her time and effort. Kailah is an amazing person to me and baby Messiah.. We love her so much and wish to have many more time with her in the future. She’s always checking on us, text us to make sure we are okay, Call us every time to make sure everything is going great. All i can say is she is God send..
Baby Messiah and I love u so much and can’t wait to meet you again. Once again thank you for making my pregnancy Sweet an joyful I appreciate every time and effort.  love u K.

- Roselyn K.

As a first time mom and with my own mom living on another continent, I knew I wanted a doula to help me through the experience of pregnancy and labor especially. I feel like I won the lottery being matched with Kailah. Our chemistry was great from the first meeting and she continued to support and affirm all of my decisions and desires for how I wanted labor to go. She was always available for questions no matter how insignificant they seemed. And the resources she shared with me were beyond helpful. It was like having an experienced and well connected best friend guide you through the latter end of pregnancy and labor. Even now that my daughter is almost 2 months old, Kailah continues to check in and mentioned thinking about planning meet-ups for her former clients. I can HIGHLY recommend Kailah to anyone needing/wanting a doula.

-Lulu F.

My experience with Emerald Doula has been a beautiful and memorable experience. I'm a single mom who seeks to do everything independently and I have a hard time accepting help. However Kailah made me feel comfortable being vulnerable to help her put my hospital socks on, to have her spend the night in the hospital with me, to play music for comfort and sing with me while I was on the table during my C-Section. She made me feel at ease to call at anytime -literally any time- with questions about what my physicians would say, to help me advocate for myself by refusing an unwanted induction, to accept a wealth of knowledge about my birthing options, post partum healing and I could go on. Kailah also provided sources like a lactation specialist and a nutritionist to help me throughout this birthing experience and it was way better than my first one. 

I'm forever grateful and would encourage moms to partner with Emerald Doula for personal, professional and positive birthing experiences as well as to have insurmountable support throughout the precious process of welcoming your little one. 

- Dom P.

It was my first pregnancy and even as a registered nurse, I was afraid. The stats show that black women die at 4 times the rate of white women from complications of childbirth. I knew a doula was necessary. I considered the profiles of 18 different doulas in the area. I compared them by experience, length of time in the field, race, and religion to narrow down the options. My husband and I interviewed 5 of them in total. Kailah was the 4th. She was recommended by my best friend but I was hesitant because she had less than 5 years field experience.  During our first conversation she put those concerns to rest within 5 minutes. She started to drop knowledge and ease my worries FOR FREE. This showed me that she was passionate about her work and didn’t just care about the money. She made me feel it was her priority that I was ok and had knowledge before she even was hired. She was just so easy to talk to and we just clicked. I knew she would be our doula. We only interviewed that last doula to be polite because it was already scheduled, in my heart Kailah was already our girl.

During my labor and delivery I was  blessed to have the support of my husband but Kailah made everything better. When she arrived at the hospital I felt relieved. My labor was already active and my son was ready to make his entrance. Kailah had all the supplies to make me comfortable right there on hand. I truly believe this woman is an angel from God. She supported and encouraged me throughout my entire pregnancy journey and assisted in making my labor calm and the delivery of my son smooth. I had no pain meds and he was born vaginally (Just as we planned) I don’t know what we would have done without her, we love her to pieces! She is now a good friend and or bond is unbreakable. 

-Myna C. 

As a first time mother, I knew I wanted a doula to help get me through labor. What I got was an awesome doula with an awesome personality who prepared me in advance for labor and delivery. She stayed on top of me and where I was in pregnancy, making sure to inform and teach me about what was happening and things I should know. She followed up on my doctor visits and we stayed in touch and talked monthly. She did a great job in preparing me because my obgyn appointments were pretty quick and they pretty much only answered questions I had whereas Kailah went more in depth. Originally I wanted a homebirth but then due to a number of reasons I ended up giving birth in a the hospital. Kailah was supportive of both plans and was a great help in the hospital. She helped me all through it. She along with my other support team, helped me get through a completely natural labor and delivery. The midwife who delivered my baby also commented on how she really liked Kailah. If I have another baby, I am hiring her again and would definitely recommend her.
- Adrienne C. 

Kailah was an amazing doula and my husband and I are so grateful to have had her as such a major part of our support system.  It was immediately apparent from our very first conversation that she is very passionate about maternal care and all things birth work. She is energetic, warm, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. She reached out frequently for check ins and always made herself available for support. I received so many compliments during my pregnancy about how graceful and calm I was and I sincerely attribute that to having had Kailah by our side during pregnancy and birth. She is an advocate that will go above and beyond to make sure that you are well informed every step of the way even once baby arrives. The Emerald Doula helped make my first pregnancy experience a very pleasant one and we most certainly plan to keep in touch and work with Kailah again in the future!
-Maya M. 

My time with Kailah as my doula has been nothing short of a blissful experience from start to finish. Kailah put my mind at ease time and time again by providing me with educational articles, videos, flash cards, and books pertaining to all of the things I was going through. At our in-person meetings she brought visuals so my partner and I were able to better understand topics and also learn in a hands-on way. Kailah has always kept me aware of all of my options, helped me advocate for myself, and guided me though decisions rather than just taking over which allowed me to truly make this experience my own. And as for my labor, it progressed quickly towards the end but she showed up just in time and immediately set up a variety of birthing tools so that I had plenty of options to comfortably and efficiently labor at home. Kailah made sure I stayed cool and hydrated the entire time and also consistently reminded me to release tension in my body which I appreciated because towards the end it was extremely hard to stay focused. She was such a positive spirit throughout the entire labor and delivery process and encouraged me every step of the way. In the midst of this, she also allowed me to do my own thing and was just there when I needed her. One of the most important things in my birth plan was that I had pictures and videos of the whole experience and I don’t know how Kailah did it but she was able to fully support me while also getting the most amazing pictures and videos that still bring tears to my eyes! As a first time mom I still cannot believe how much of an easy experience this was. If I ever had a question Kailah was there to answer it or give me resources and whenever I would go too long without talking to her she would always check in. I most definitely plan on working with Kailah for future pregnancies as this was truly an experience to remember!!!
-Dejah M. 

As many of you know, I am so in love with being a mom. Also, I had a very traumatic labor and delivery experience that left me with PTSD and I am currently processing in tons of therapy. This anniversary will be one where I share some posts about this experience. My first one is long overdue. I got some advice early on in my processing my traumatic event to "remember the helpers." One of the first people that comes to mind was our amazing doula, Kailah. She spent weeks talking me through my unknown preparing me with knowledge and tools to feel safe and heard. She checked in during my pregnancy and made me feel incredibly supported going into the process of Labor and Delivery. As soon as we were admitted to the hospital, to the moment we got home, it was awful for me. Kailah was a hero in my story. She kept things light and full of love. She was company and support for Marc.
When things got overwhelming and kept taking scary turns, she remained with us, constant, with reminders of my options. Kailah slept in a chair during my entire labor in the closet where we waited to be moved to the room where I would eventually push. Push...for 4 hours. During which time, Kailah held my legs, shared lavender scents, encouraged low earthy vocalizations, laughed and danced to our push playlist, and reminded me of all that we practiced. When they eventually said i should have a c-section, Kaila took a moment to get really close and remind me that I did every single thing I could. I did a great job and was well informed. Kailah was with us in recovery. She checked in for real during postpartum. Kailah is exactly the person you want with you during this moment that is hopefully the best day of your life, and just in case it is also horrifying, she will be a light. We will always be thankful for you, Kailah. Thank you.
-Kendra B.

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