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Infant Massage Therapy

The Emerald Doula provides private and small group infant massage classes for parents, siblings, and caregivers to learn:


  • infant massage’s positive influence on parent/caregiver and baby bonding

  • several physical and emotional benefits of infant massage for baby

  • implementation of infant massage strokes/techniques

*The Emerald Doula uses the Triad Family Model fostered by Infant Massage WINC*

Benefits of Infant Massage:

 increase interaction and promote bonding between parents/caregivers and baby

Help baby relax and sleep

Positively impact infant hormones

Opportunity to teach consent and learn body anatomy

Parents may find that infant massage provides relief for:

Gas & colic

Growing pains & muscular tension

Teething discomfort

Constipation and elimination

Virtual Infant Massage Class



*infant & up to two parents/caregivers can be present

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