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Frequently Asked Questions

 Read the FAQs and still have questions?  Book a free consultation with The Emerald Doula

What is a doula's role?

Before labor: help you make informed decisions, create birth and postpartum plans with you and your spouse/partner/selected support system, provide education and resources.

During labor: offer continuous physical, emotional and mental support, implement comfort measures and/or an array of non-medical pain management techniques, operate as a cooperative team player with your birth team, remind you of your birth plan if anyone suggests something that you have not included in the birth plan

After labor: stay with you a few hours after labor to make sure you and baby are okay, meet with you postpartum, provide additional education/support/resources, help you process your birth. 

Doula’s assistance has been shown to reduce discomfort in labor, reduce use of medical interventions,  reduce incidence of pain medication use during labor, reduce negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience, and improve birther-baby bonding post-birth. 

A doula does NOT:

-Replace your medical care provider (nurse/midwife/OB-GYN, etc) 

-solicit medical advice or treat pregnancy (or other) symptoms

-Make any decisions for you. It is a doula’s duty to provide education, support and resources so that you are able to make informed decisions for yourself and your baby

-Let their personal views and opinions get in the way of providing care

-replace the presence of partners or family members.

If I decide to give birth at the hospital, can I still have a doula? What if I don't want a natural birth?

All birthers have the right to experience the nurturing and advocacy that doulas provide! Doulas are able to assist clients whether they decide to give birth at home, in a birth center or hospital! They are also able to support birthers whether they choose a natural or medicated birth. A doula's role is to help you make informed decisions about where and how you birth, not tell you where or how to give birth!

If I am pregnant, can I still take an

infant massage class?

 You do not have to wait until after you've given birth to participate in our infant massage classes; you can take infant massage classes while you are pregnant or preparing for pregnancy. We encourage parents, caregivers, and siblings to engage and learn this valuable information as well; the sooner, the better!

Do you certify people in CPR?

Yes, I do! I am able to certify/renew certifications with healthcare professionals (BLS Provider) as well as lay persons, parents, community members and those who work with children (pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid and adult CPR/AED). I am a BLS and Heartsaver® instructor with the American Heart Association. 

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